New Release: Version 4.9.0

AdamAdam Developer
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New module - Parallel Tasks!

This version includes the second community supported module - Parallel Tasks. Many thanks to all the supporters, it wouldn't happen without you!

Sorry it took quite long to develop - but it was very tricky, required many changes in the core of several main subsystems, particularly in the schedule, statistics and goal monitoring. We'll add more features to it in the future, we just need some feedback from you first.

Until the end of October the module is free to use to everyone. Just go to Modules and turn it on. Please check it out and report any issues or ideas for improvements.

To see the thread related to this module with a description of how to use it click here.

Other changes

  • Settings > Task height is mature enough to get its 'experimental' label removed. More settings for controlling heights of various elements will be added soon.

  • Logs have a new option in the menu: 'Load only monitored logs'. Some people have crazy numbers of logs. This option was added for them when they're in a hurry and have time only to log the most important data - the one that has monitors based on it.

What's next?
Separate Notes module is the most voted one, so its development begins now. Phase #1: design.



  • GiuseppeGiuseppe Moderator
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    Yeeess!! =D> =D> =D> great work Adam! I'm ready to test everything :)
    " You're already in pain, get a reward from it"
  • rashidmrashidm Moderator
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    Is it possible to include parallel tasks into a task set? I tried and failed. Please, advise.
  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Not at the moment, but that's the plan for a future version of the module. It was too complex for the first release and I didn't want to delay it because of this feature.
  • rashidmrashidm Moderator
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    Got it, thank you for the reply :-)
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