Separate Notes module

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  1. A new system of notes for tasks
  2. Three types of notes
  3. Ability to configure each note separately to show or not under the task name and after "mark done" of a previous task
  4. A reminder at the top of the day plan about notes for this day

Types of notes

There are 3 types of notes now to support various usage patterns. The type can be chosen in the dialog for editing a given note.

  • General - assigned to the task always. Visible/editable on the day plan every day
  • Daily - assigned to the task only on a given day. Visible/editable on the day plan only on that date. Example usage - a reminder related to the task that will show up on a given day: mark task "Water the garden" > show notes > add new note "Fertilize all plants" > set type to "Daily" > set date to next week
  • Instance - assigned only to 1 instance (occurrence) of the task. Visible/editable on the day plan only with this particular instance of the task. Example usage - a diary: mark task "Bike trip" > show notes > add new note "Howth & back with Lucy in 50 minutes!" > set type to "Instance"
All the notes for a given task may be listed together (and edited) on the screen for editing a task. They are grouped by type and listed in chronological order. So in case of the Instance notes the listing would look like a diary, and in case of Daily notes it could look like a diary and a plan for the future.

Turning on & configuring

The module can be controlled in:

Modules > Community supported modules > Level 1 > Separate Notes

To turn it on or off tap the slider on the right. It's free to use to everyone for over a month. After that it will be available to Level 1/2/3 subscribers. Even if you lose access to the module later, your notes will not be removed, only the interface to change their type and add more notes to the same task will be unavailable.

Accessing the interface

If the module is turned on you may access the interface for adding, removing, editing and configuring notes using:

  • Context menu option of the task. It's enabled by default, and may be disabled in: Settings -> Day plan context menu options -> Main menu -> Notes OR Submenu -> Notes
  • An icon in the top toolbar. It may be enabled in: Settings -> Day plan context menu options -> Top toolbar -> Notes

Using the interface

There are two interfaces:

  1. interface for listing the notes that shows up only when you have more than 1 note for a given task
  2. interface for editing a note that shows up when you have 0-1 notes or when you tap a note on the first interface to edit it
UI: listing of notes

  1. At the top of the interface window there are 2 buttons:

    • 'New note' to create a new note
    • 'MORE' to list additional actions, currently only 'Delete all notes' that deletes all the notes listed
  2. Below there's a list of all task's notes. These include:

    • When started on the day plan screen: General, Daily for this day and Instance for this occurrence
    • When started on the task editing screen: all notes from any day
UI: editing a note

  1. At the top of the interface window there is an input are for the text of your note
  2. Below there's an "Advanced" expander with options:

    • Show: under the task name - show the note's text under the task name on the day plan (subject to size restrictions as configured in Settings > Task height)
    • Show: in pop-ups after 'Mark done' - show the note after marking the previous task as done
  3. Choice of type: General, Daily (tap the date to change it), Instance
  4. Buttons: 'New note' to add next note, 'Delete' to remove the note, MORE to configure if the checkboxes for "Show under the task name / after Mark done" should be checked on or off by default when adding a note
There's still a lot to add and improve. We count on getting ideas and feedback from you! Please share them here or by email.

Special thanks

Special thanks to thinkingcap and Peter for initiating the discussion and sharing ideas in this post.


  • markflmarkfl Member
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    Thanks so much. You guys are awesome!
  • markflmarkfl Member
    edited November 2015 Posts: 0
    Thanks Ana and Adam for your fast response. Everything is working, now. You guys are great!
  • AdamAdam Developer
    Posts: 587
    Thank you :D
  • rashidmrashidm Moderator
    edited November 2015 Posts: 0
    Excellent realization: general, daily, instance!

    I suggest for instance level to show date and time stamps. A diary should be dated, right? This suggestion assumes that there will be an option to see all the instances related to a certain task (like history for logs)

    Another idea is to incorporate copy-paste possibility which you added to checklists - the notes can long :-)

    Thank you for the time you spend on developing this great app!
  • AdamAdam Developer
    Posts: 587
    A list of all instance notes (+ daily + general) in their chronological order is available on the screen for editing a task. For now instance notes show only the date because of some constraints, but should show times as well in the future.

    Good idea with the copy/paste.

    Thanks for feedback!
  • rashidmrashidm Moderator
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    Wow! Then it is a real diary I am looking for. Thanks for the clarification, Adam.
  • rashidmrashidm Moderator
    edited November 2015 Posts: 0
    Dear Adam,
    This module is a Significant improvement of the app!
    It solves an issue we discussed long ago. Namely, how to have a "shortlist" of the most important tasks for a day - now I just add daily notes to these tasks :)

    Together with copy-paste idea which you approved above, can you think of exporting these notes to a text file? Of course, if it requires a lot of coding, then, please, do not pay attention to this idea.

    As for technical feedback, may be you should think about something more efficient than a drop down menu. Something that makes all the choices for note type visible at once and allows type selection in one click. Of course, this is a minor, trifle issue.
  • AdamAdam Developer
    Posts: 587
    Cool, thanks, I'm happy you like it :D

    I thought about an export feature as well, will add it at some stage for sure.

    And I would also like to replace drop-downs with something easier to use. It would make life easier in multiple cases, eg: for the Logs (Yes/No/?)...
  • rashidmrashidm Moderator
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    Dear Adam and Ana,
    Happy New Year!

    I would like to draw your attention to a redundancy of choices/clicks present in the module. Let's assume I need to add an instance note to a task.
    -1st click, revoke Edit Notes (from top bar)
    -2nd, open up OPTIONS.
    -3rd, activate drop down menu for note type.
    -4th, select Instance.
    And only then I can start typing my note. Not to mention than if need immediately add another note I have to start over from step 2 again :(

    1) Implement two click process for adding a note of any type:
    -1st click, revoke Edit Notes
    -2nd, select note type from 3 check boxes that become visible after step 1. Of course, clicking one of them clears the other two. If the module is not active, then only General type is selectable and the other become "gray".

    2) Relocate OPTIONS to a place where they should be - Settings of the Module. For consistency, you can make it a rule for existing and future modules: if one needs to change a module behavior he knows that he should go to this module Settings.

    Wish you a good upcoming year, year of Red Monkey according to Chinese calendar. :)

  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Hi Rashid - Happy New Year and all the best to you as well!!!

    The ideas are, as usually, great. I've just realized that I've implemented the note type as I did to enable type changes, but it's actually useless, why would one like to change the type? :( That's my programmer's thinking hat instead of designer's.. But 1 benefit of the current layout is the ability to move a daily note to another day, so need to think what to do about that. And there are multiple cases of the type:
    - there are no notes yet and the user tapped the notes icon
    - there are no notes yet and it's after Mark Done
    - there are multiple notes and the user tapped the notes icon
    - there are multiple notes and the used tapped Mark Done
    - there are multiple notes and the used tapped Mark Done, and Settings > Day plan notes are configured to .....
    - there is 1 note and the Module is off
    - there's more than 1 note and the Module is off
    - there's more than 1 note and the Module is ON
    - etc, etc...

    Supporting the best user experience for each of them would be fantastic but require work that doesn't always seem to be the best use of my time, so that's why some solutions are just a compromise between being easy to use and not being painful to develop and maintain.

    Re: 2) - these options are per-note. EVERY note can be configured to appear under the task name or not, and pop-up after mark done or not. If these options were moved to Settings of the Module they would be the same for each note. And that' a feature we both use a lot and find useful, so most probably it's not gonna change. Besides, there are additional action buttons hidden in Options and it's collapsed so shouldn't be that cumbersome to have in the window.

    Thanks a lot - that's I think the first real feedback we've got on a Module which is very cool!
  • rashidmrashidm Moderator
    edited January 2016 Posts: 0
    Thanks for a prompt answer, Adam.
    I run version 4.12.0. Have tried to move activities with daily and instance notes to another day. Result:
    > Daily notes. The note and activity get separated: the note is no longer shown under the activity. In "Edit", where I can access all the notes of the activity, the note stays registered under initial date, not the date I moved to.
    > Instance notes. Get lost, disappear, even from all-notes-list for the activity accessible via "Edit".

    Probably, you need to check it out somehow. Maybe it happens only on my device?!
  • AdamAdam Developer
    Posts: 587
    OK, will check it, thanks!
  • AdamAdam Developer
    edited January 2016 Posts: 587
    Daily note: it's assigned to a day, so it should stay on that day, so that's by design. The notification "You have 1 note for today" is still showing. When I add the same task again on that day and check its notes it shows this daily note, so that's how I imagined it should behave.

    Now checking the instance notes.
  • AdamAdam Developer
    Posts: 587
    The instance note disappears, as the instance is not really the same after moving it.. It kinda makes sense, but I also don't like it. I checked the database and the note itself was not deleted, just orphaned.

    I'll fix it so that:
    - the lost the notes will show up again on all-notes-list
    - "move" will also move the instance notes

    So thank you, that's a good catch.

    And if you don't agree with me about the behavior related to daily notes let's discuss it further.
  • AdamAdam Developer
    Posts: 587
    I fixed the "move" option. Recovering orphans require more work and testing, but I'll fix it too. Will publish fixes after testing.
  • rashidmrashidm Moderator
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    In case if it is worth your coding efforts, I suggest adding selection of "default" note type to the module settings. Currently, general note is a "default" note type.
    Personally, I use instance notes in majority of cases. Maybe I am not alone. Anybody who uses daily or instance notes extensively have to go through that lengthy click-and-select process I described above. Thus, adding selection of default note type would be nice.
  • AdamAdam Developer
    Posts: 587
    Good idea, will add it.
  • AdamAdam Developer
    Posts: 587
    - default note type setting
    - a choice between ascending and descending sorting
    - separators/headers to divide note groups (to see which ones are general, which instance, etc)
  • rashidmrashidm Moderator
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    Great! Thank you.
  • kamswifekamswife Member
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  • AdamAdam Developer
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