New Release: Version 4.11.0

AdamAdam Developer
edited December 2015 in News

New module - Task Widget!

This version includes next community supported module - Task Widget. Many thanks to all the supporters, it wouldn't happen without you!

For over a month the module is free to use to everyone. Just go to Modules and turn it on. Please check it out and report any issues or ideas for improvements.

To see the thread related to this module with a description of how to use it click here.

Other changes

  • Drawer notification now uses the expanded format (when it's the first one on the list). It means there is space for additional text to display (like notes). And that there is a convenient "Mark done" button. It marks the current active task as done - as is, it doesn't support extending / shrinking the task.

  • Level 3 module "Automatic Backup" now supports automatic file rotation - you may configure it to automatically delete old backup files, only rotate the automatic backups (not backups created manually), always keep at least X backup files.

  • All newly created backup files are now compressed to zip format, which saves about 60% storage space.

What's next?
Please vote for the next module. We're going to wait some time before choosing the next module to develop, so that people voting for Task Widget have a chance to relocate their votes they get back now.

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