New Release: Version 4.12.0 - Improved Backup & No Payment Subscriptions

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Improved Backup & No Payment Subscriptions

This version includes:

  • Backup to Google Drive and Restore from Google Drive. For now only manual backups are supported. Automatic Backup to Google will be added next. Please take a moment to make a backup of your data now.

  • All types of Backup now allow to include audio files (if you have any, which means if you've ever recorded your own notification sound using the "Extended notification sounds" module. That's the case also for Automatic Backup - but you need to enable it if you wish using: Modules > Automatic Backup > Settings > Include audio files

  • You can now get a Level 3 Subscription for up to 100 years without paying anything. We've added multiple options that allow you to get it in exchange for some action. The actions are of various levels of difficulty so we hope you can find something for yourself. The best part is that every action, to greater or lesser degree, will benefit others - so you're not only getting the subscription, but also helping other people!

  • Bug fixes & "cosmetic" corrections

What's next?
Module "Every-N-day Tasks" is the definitive leader in voting results - we're starting to work on it now. Thank you very much for voting!

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