New Release: 4.13.0 - Instance Notes Fix, More Payment Options & New Module

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Instance Notes Fix, More Payment Options & New Module

Version 4.13.0 includes:

  • Instance Notes Fix (per this post). After moving a task to another day its instance type notes were disappearing. It's fixed and the previously lost notes will show up on the list of all task's notes.

  • Default Note Type: Use Modules > Separate Notes > Settings to set the default note type if you're using Instance or Daily notes more frequently than any other type.

  • Separators for Note Types: if you have more than 1 type of notes on the list they will now be separated by their type with a header showing which group is which.

  • New Module Proposal: There's a new Level 3 module available for voting: Tasker Integration. It would allow to control various elements of the phone's system based on the schedule. Please use this thread to submit your ideas, suggest other Taskers that we could integrate with and share practical examples of how it could be used, if you can think of any.

  • New Payment Options: We were asked multiple times for other payment options that do not require subscribing. Now you may access advanced features and support Goalist without monthly subscription. New 1-time payment options allow unlocking any Support Level for 6 or 12 months and save up to 50%.

  • Backup to Google Drive Fix: It was crashing at times, shouldn't any more.

  • Bug Fix for Checklists: after marking a task as done the checklist of the next task did not pop up if the task also had notes to show.

  • Crashes on Screen Rotation: there were multiple problems and crashes when the device's orientation was changing - eg: disappearing or malfunctioning input dialogs and context menus, eg: while editing a note. Shouldn't happen any more.

  • Special Codes System was modified significantly - if you lose access to any Support Level that was unlocked with a special code please enter it again and it should be restored. In case of any problems, or if you lost your code, just send us an email and we'll resend the code to you.

  • Task Height didn't handle 0 values and caused app crashes. Any value should be handled without problems now.

What's next?

  • The development of "Every-N-day Tasks" is in progress
  • Translation to German is in progress
  • Translation to Russian is in progress
  • Translation to Portuguese is in progress

Special Thanks
We'd like to thank:

  • Sylvia, Bernd and Rashid for submitting ideas and bug reports
  • Anonymous users submitting bug reports
  • People offering translations (not registered in the forum, so we're not sure they're OK with revealing their names yet)

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