Any sync / backup / export / import feature in the near feature?

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Yep, we're working on them.

Simple backup and restore funtionality is already available, so that you can secure your data, move to another device, etc. More advanced features will follow.

Suggestions are very welcome.


  • josemiorijosemiori Member
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    Thanks, I would like to use it on multiple devices. A simple sync through google account would be great.
  • morganmorgan Member
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    Hi. I may upset some purists with my question but here goes: i want to plan and track my day in goalist but then export to outlook (or better still csv to import into outlook or another tool). This way I can adjust the schedule others need to see or be involved in and minimise typing twice.. In this case outlook is a slave to goalist master. For tasks needing others contributions in corporate world there is no choice other than to use Outlook. It would be essential to have the option to flag some tasks as private and a replacement task name (e.g. private activity) so one would refer to goalist to see the task).
  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Welcome to the forum, Morgan! And thanks for posting.

    CSV will be one of the core export formats for sure.

    I'm not sure yet how exactly it will be implemented, but I like the idea of flagging tasks as private.. Or being able to filter out what's being exported or synced. It would actually be a great feature for other applications as well, like sharing schedules with other people.. Cool - thanks!

    PS: definitely don't worry about upsetting anyone - all ideas are very welcome.
  • AdamAdam Developer
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    This is still not possible, but a related work has been started:
    which I'm sure will over time lead to a comprehensive export/import system.
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