New Release: 5.0.0 Huehueteotl - 3rd Birthday, New guts, Periodeus, Log Widget and multiple fixes

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Hip Hip Hurray!

Yeah, it's already the 3rd birthday of Goalist. If you'd like to celebrate with us consider using the attached new logo as a wallpaper on the screen of your computer or mobile:


5.0.0 Huehueteotl

The version number has been bumped to 5.0.0 because of important changes to the core software. Much of it was rewritten to support the new modules and fix important problems.

And there's a new icon and Theme - Huehueteotl - our new favorite.

What's included:

  • Periodeus (previously: Every-N-days Tasks) - a cool new module described in detail here

  • Log Widget second new module described here. It hasn't got enough votes yet, but was partially done (works for the "Counter" type logs) during the development of the task widget and is an ideal companion for Periodeus so we decided to release it as well.

  • New Guts: with much of the core code rewritten the app seems faster, especially on older phones. Calculations of stats should be way faster for everyone, especially stats by Tag if you have many tags. And search and sorting now work correctly for languages with special characters - tested on Russian. Search now also takes into account the order of categories when sorting suggestions (assuming it reflects their importance to you).

    Also notifications were completely rewritten to support more load coming from Periodeus.

    We have spent a lot of time testing before the release, but these were really big changes, so we would appreciate your patience in the process of tweaking them, as well as reports of odd behavior.

  • New translations & language setting: app's language can be changed to other than the phone system's in Settings > Other > Language. The list of available translations grew by: German, Russian, Swedish. And Italian, Polish and Spanish had many missing strings filled in.

  • Log History (list): improved a lot - it now displays data for a limited number of days, groups records by date, adds a summary at the bottom and is configurable.

  • Log importance & filtering: each log may now be assigned an importance value (set to 50 by default for all your existing logs). The importance is not limited to 1-100, but in case you decide to use values lower than 1 or higher than 1000 also adjust filtering settings.

    And the filtering is accessible from Log > Settings. It lets you filter out the logs by various criteria. For instance it lets you display Archived logs - all the logs you've deleted so far were not really deleted but put in the Archive. May be deleted permanently using a context menu option (long-press an archived log to see it).

    Settings also allow to change the sorting order (by name or importance) and configure which day should be displayed when the Log screen is opened and if a warning should be shown if that's not today.

    One warning: if you uncheck "Empty groups" and create a new group you won't see it until you check "Empty groups" back on.

  • Value Health Score: new addition, visible under Value name on the list of Values. It reflects the state of the Value - for each goal monitor in OK state it gets positive points, for each in Failed state negative points. The algorithm takes into account how far from the threshold (the limit we set when configuring a monitor) the goal is at the moment and the importance of the Value. You can sort Values by the score and see which Value needs to get the most attention (because it's the least healthy).

  • Dashboard sorting: goal state field now shows under the percentage off also the value off of the threshold/limit. And you can change the sorting order using menu > Settings. For instance, if you sort Values by Health Score and then here choose sorting by "Current order of Values, then percentage difference form the threshold" - you'll see a list helping you decide which goal should be worked on next.

    We hope both Value Health Score and Dashboard sorting will help in decision making.

  • Sound recording: if you could not record your own notification sound before please try changing the recording format. And if none works for you - please let us know to find other formats and solutions.

  • More data under goal monitor graph: apart from MIN/MAX/TODAY it now also shows the time period and threshold. And time-based thresholds are converted to a more human-readable form like: 1h20m instead of 80.

    Threshold is the number (limit) set when configuring a monitor. Eg: if the monitor is configured "Success when in the last 7 days total occurrences sum up to at least 100" it's summed up as "Threshold 7 days: 100". So 100 is the threshold/limit and 7 is the time period for which the threshold is set.

  • Notification drawer settings: added to Settings > Notifications/Reminders. Let you configure the notifications to shrink/expand a task on mark done if needed. And configure 2 new buttons for extending the task right from the drawer.

    There is an option to not mark done if not possible, and it shows an info toast message when it's not possible - but you won't see that message as it's covered by the drawer, at least in Android 4.x.

    PS: Notification drawer is the thing we pull with 1 or 2 fingers from the top of the screen and it shows some buttons and notifications.

  • Task widget settings: added to Modules > Supported > Level 1 > Task Widget > Settings. Let you configure the widget's "mark done" button to shrink/expand the task if needed.

  • Global time restriction for notifications: all notifications may be limited in Settings > Notifications/Reminders > Notifications allowed from/to

  • More convenient counter log incrementing: 2 buttons -/+ were added to reduce the number of clicks needed to introduce a number. And the keyboard pops up automatically. It does so also in several other places, eg: when a new note is created, and the cursor is put at the end of the text, if there is any already.

  • Settings > Other > Cleanup: allows removing unused tasks. But for now, for data safety, it allows removing only tasks that have no notes and are not used in any plan or Task Set. More cleanup options will be added in the future.

    Eg: I've removed 1,500 one-off tasks from the Unassigned category that accumulated over time and were cluttering my search suggestions.

    The numbers displayed mean: cleanable/total. Eg: 10/100 means there are 100 tasks total in the database, 10 of which have no notes, etc, so can be removed.

  • Motivational quotes displayed under the plan: before only visible when the plan was empty, now always under the plan

  • Auto scroll: when moving a single task up/down the screen will follow the task if it moves beyond the visible area.

What's next?

  • Several proposals of new modules to vote for were added to all 3 levels - please check them out and use the votes you get back now if you voted for Ever-N-days and Log Widget. We'll wait a week before choosing the next module to develop to give you time to assign your votes.
  • Translation to Portuguese is in progress
  • Translation to French is in progress

Special Thanks to

  • Johanna - for the most friendly and uplifting feedback ever :D
  • Andy, Carl, Chris, Fabio, Ingela - for translations and spotting bugs
  • Andy again for an outstanding attention to detail resulting in multiple improvements
  • Jeff, Justin and Waheed - for hardware donations, very useful for testing
  • Bernd, Chris, Sylvia, Rashid and many others for sharing ideas and submitting bug reports

Thank you, guys! It's an honor to meet you and a pleasure to cooperate with you!

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  • cxp4cxp4 Member, Moderator
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    Cambiastic !
    Bug : the link to here not working in the what's new portion of the app description in the french play store.
  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Thanks, corrected now.
  • WKDWKD Member
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    Yay! love the new logo too can't wait to try out the new features like Periodeus later on
    Thank you Anna and Adam for all your hard work
  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Great, thanks!
  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Thanks for voting. "Reminders" is the next module to develop, currently 17,580 votes vs "Complex Monitoring Conditions" 10,487 votes.
  • cxp4cxp4 Member, Moderator
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    Recording own alarm now works perfectly.
    Galaxy note 4 Android 5.1.1
  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Great, thanks!
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