Mark as done - batch or all tasks

My tasks before 5:15pm are the same every day and completed 99% of days (sleep, commute, work, lunch, work, commute, dinner). Every day, I spend like five minutes clicking "mark as done, do not alter the time (I click these all at once, after dinner). How can I make this process quicker? Is there an auto mark today's tasks a done? Or something similar? This is a lengthy and very mechanical thing I have to do every day, confirming I did these with two prompts, each of them.


  • AdamAdam Developer
    edited April 2016 Posts: 0
    Yes, you can mark multiple tasks as done:
    1) go to Modules > Free core modules
    2) enable "Select Multiple Tasks" module
    3) go back to the schedule
    4) long-press the first task until you see top and bottom toolbars
    5) then only tap all the other tasks you want to mark done
    6) finally click the "mark done" icon at the bottom or through MORE -> Mark done

    The placement of icons (toolbar or menu or submenu) and whether the app should ask to extend the time can all be configured in general app's Settings and in Settings of Modules. Eg when you tap the name of the "Select Multiple Tasks" module, you'll see its "Settings" below it.
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