I´m used to the GTD-method of an "inbasket" where I put all of the stuff to be handled later?

Full question: I´m used to the GTD-method of an "inbasket" where I put all of the stuff that need to be handled but I don't have time to really plan for right now. Where would you put that in Goalist? Or maybe it shouldn't go there until I have time to plan for it... But if it is in another app, let's say, I´ll have to go back and forth between them and maybe forget someting important? - Or should I just throw them in on a coming day and handle them from there?

A: I think at a higher abstraction level it's a general problem of creating and maintaining lists. There are a lot of lists in Goalist. So if we look at it like that, then we could use one of the following:

1) Create a separate category "To do" and create tasks in it. Sorting is alphabetical in a category so no re-ordering is possible, unless you use a numeric prefix for each task name, where the number denotes priority, eg: "001 taskName" for the most important one, "100 taskName" for the least important.

2) Organize to-dos under the hierarchy of Values. Eg: you surely have to-dos related to body health, mental well-being, relationships, etc. For the first one, for instance, you could create:
Value: Body Health
Goal: I exercise at least 3h a week on average
Task Group: To do
Inside the Task Group: Fix the bike; Learn to dance Salsa; Start jogging, etc

In this case you can change the positions of the tasks inside a task group (tap > use arrows) to prioritize. Btw: moving positions may currently not always work correctly, but it will be fixed in the next release.

3) Create Task Sets: "To-do June", "To-do sport". And inside each task set create tasks. Here you can also change the positions of tasks. One limitation is that a task set can contain up to 24h worth of tasks, which gives you max 288 tasks per task set.

4) Create a task "ToDo some day" and use notes for the ideas. It may be all in 1 note - just add next idea on a new line each time. Or it may be separate note for each idea (enable the module first). It may be configured to put the newest notes at the top of the list, so you'd see your freshest ideas first. Besides that no manual re-ordering here.

5) Create tasks "ToDo sport", "ToDo meditation" and for each of them create a checklist. Then you see the number of ideas, can configure the interface to hide the ones that were checked off (but not delete, for history).

And all these may be combined to create complex, hierarchical lists.
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