How can I plan for stuff that need to be done at a certain time?

Full question: I´m finding it cumbersome to plan for stuff that need to be done at a certain time. Like a dentists appointment... They don´t like it if I´m flexible ;-) - I understand the wisdom of planning every day and not to far ahead - but now I need to check my calendar too before I plan my day, as well as my "inbox". Or should I maybe plan a "No plan"-block on the right day until the dentist-appointement finds its hour and then lock it in place and remove the "No plan"? How would you do it?

You could not lock 1 task and remove the preceding one, the app wouldn't allow it as it's a stacking plan.. You could use "No plan" and then either "Replace" or "Split" to fill in the blanks later without unlocking the fixed start of the appointment task.

Some solutions and workarounds:

1) Looks like the "Reminders" module will be developed next as it has the most votes now. That will cover remembering about the event, but planning will still have to be performed manually (it will not be inserted into the schedule automatically).

2) You could use a "Daily" note type. Then you'd see a reminder at the top of the schedule "You have notes for today". And if you plan your day every morning, or an evening before, you'd see the reminder. After clicking it you get a menu that allows scheduling the task for which the note was created.

3) You could add a task "Dentist" to the schedule of the day you have the appointment. If you don't plan your day on that date at all then you'll get:
- a reminder on midnight (start of new list)
- a "Finish your plan" reminder if that's the only task on this date's schedule
- a "Start next task" reminder if there are at least 2 tasks scheduled
(unless you turned off notifications, of course)

So that would help you remember, but not automate planning.

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