Is it possible to upgrade the Subscription Level?

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Full question: "If I purchase a level and decide I want to up grade does the cost of the previous level count towards the only purchase or do I have to buy each one separately?"

Answer: There's no support for upgrades yet.

To have access to Level 3 it's enough to buy only Level 3 - Levels 1&2 are included in it. (Similarly L1 is included in L2).

In case of monthly payments (not the 6/12-month options) if you have L1 and want to switch to L2 you'd have to:

  1. cancel L1 - you keep access till the end of the month you paid for, you don't have to cancel on the last day. Additionally there is a few days of grace period when you still have access to the Level you had although the subscription is expired.
  2. buy L2 - here you get 14 days of trial period before you are charged anything.
Summing up the grace period + trial period you may have up to 3 weeks free in the process of switching from one level to another for the first time.


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    Just publishing version 5.1.8 with an "Upgrade" button in Modules, under the list of Levels.

    A +1 or +2 "boost" may be added to increase the current level by 1 or 2. Any boost works with any combination of subscription types and boosts.

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