can I switch back to english?

hello, I've been thinking of doing a tumblr post/video/pdf manual about goalist and the different ways you can use it for a while, and the possibility for a level 3 subscription has only increased that :P however I'm now using the italian translation, which would be a hassle to translate again (also there are some typos, anyway I can help?), and I originally wrote all my values/goals/tasks in english which is now just weird :P
is there a way to select the language I didn't notice? :)


  • AdamAdam Developer
    edited May 2016 Posts: 0
    Hello Quietus, welcome to the forum!

    Would be great if you could do these things and help with the translation, thank you!

    At the moment the app uses system language, so you'd have to switch your phone language to English. This Saturday we release a new version which has an option to choose a translation independently from the system language.

    Whenever you find time to look into the translation files please drop me an email: [email protected]

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