How to check amount of time particular tasks take?

Hey, I'm new to Goalist and I almost posted this as a feature suggestion, but I'm wondering if there's already a way to do this. I would like to be able to check on how much time a lot of my repeating tasks are actually taking so that if they're regularly taking longer than scheduled, I can lengthen the task time and if they're regularly taking shorter than expected, I can shorten the task time. Is there a good way to do that?


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    Hi, welcome to the forum! I think you're looking for something like "Average time" of a given task over a period of time. Or a histogram showing which duration appeared how many times. Rashid also suggested histograms for other data here.

    They all seem like interesting statistics, I'll certainly will implement them, although not sure when. But at the moment there's no easy way. The only thing you could do is to manually calculate the average:

    1. Navigate to Statistics

    2. Change the "From" date to a day half a year ago

    3. Stats basis: Task

    4. Uncheck "In proportion to 24h"

    5. Generate new

    6. Find your task and calculate: ((hours * 60) + minutes) / x

    I've put my data of "Sleep" tasks in the equation:
    ((1393*60) + 40) / 177 == 472.42937

    Then I've put it here:
    and got 7h52m, seems correct.
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    Yeah, a histogram would be awesome, actually, because I imagine there would be some outliers where I accidentally hit complete before the task was finished -- which could mess with the average. Thanks for the workaround for the time being!
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