Why is my day starting at 12pm instead of 12am?

I'm trying to schedule a day out and it has me going to sleep at 12pm. The day before it ends at midnight and the day after it starts at 12am. So there's a missing section from 12am - 12pm and I can't schedule anything during that time because it won't let me. So of course as I'm planning my whole day I've now ran out of time - instead of a 24 hour period I'm only getting a 12 hour period to work with. Did I do something weird? I'm new to the app and just getting it going so I may have made a mistake somewhere. Thanks.


  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Hi, welcome to the forum and thank you for reporting it.

    It shouldn't happen and I've never seen it before. Could you please write me:
    - what's your Goalist version?
    - does it happen only on 1 particular day or more days? If just 1 - what's the affected date?
    - do you have any done tasks on that day? (there is a "Done tasks" container under Stats that expands on click)
    - what's your time zone and have you changed time zones recently?

    Thanks in advance. I can't say anything concrete yet. If you have any other observations, even seemingly unrelated, please include them as well.
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