Goalist quick guide

A pdf created from a tumblr post I wrote for my friends as an introduction guide. It's a mix between explanation and some examples of how I use it, I hope it helps somebody >:D<
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goalist quick guide.pdf
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  • AdamAdam Developer
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    It's absolutely beautiful and AWESOME and we're both so happy to see it and sure it will be helpful to many!!!

    It is already helpful to us and we'll read the guide multiple times to get inspiration for new tweaks. We hope to see more from you in the future.

    Thank you so much! The reward is on its way (already sent, please let us know if you don't get an email).

    If you don't mind - please share the link to your tumblr post as well (and/or anything else you wrote on the subject).

  • quietusquietus Member
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    thank you, I'm glad you liked it!
    http://burnthislibrary.tumblr.com/post/146753177326/app-forum-youtube-channel here you go :) it ended up being the exact copy of the pdf since it looked much better than just text and screenshots
  • IntanIntan Member
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    Thank you so much!!!!! So glad that I came across with Goalist after you released this pdf! Very helpful!!! :)
  • doubleloopdoubleloop Member
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    That's really great, thanks for sharing :)
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