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I find myself quite frequently adding instance notes to tasks.

e.g. I have a 'Cycling' task, and I might have 3 or 4 of these tasks in a day. With each one I'll put a note where I'm cycling to. And I might also walk to a bunch of different places, for which I'll have one 'Walking' task that I'll add a few times for the day, and I'll put in the instance note where I'm walking to.

I do it this way so I just have one Cycling and Walking tasks. These are linked to my Healthy Body goal, and I track how much cycling and walking I'm doing. For the stats I don't care where it was I cycled/walked to, but it's helpful to see that note on the daily planner page as I plan my day out. I don't want to have a 'Cycle to A' task, a 'Cycle to B' task, a 'Cycle to C' task, etc.

So every time I add a note, I need to switch to instance type, which takes a bit of scrolling, pressing, minimising the on-screen keyboard - I wonder if it's there's a setting to set 'Instance' as the default note type? Or maybe just have the drop-down remember the last one you selected?

No biggie, just wondering :) And perhaps it's just me - maybe there's a better way of doing what I'm doing? I find I don't use 'General' or 'Daily' notes much at all - what do people tend to use them for?



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    Yes, you can change the default note type in:
    Modules > Separate Notes > Settings

    I've also changed the behavior of the interface a bit and now the note types are placed at the very top and OPTIONS are expanded when adding a new note. Should have a new release ready this week.

    I'd say that your approach to notes is perfectly correct. But I'd also be very interested in reading a few examples of how people do it.

    I use general notes for notes that I want displayed under the task name or in the after-mark-done dialog every time, a kind of persistent reminder. And daily notes when I want to make a note for the future to remember about doing something that's part of a given task.
  • doubleloopdoubleloop Member
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    Ahhh, fantastic - I hadn't realised that modules can have their own settings.

  • doubleloopdoubleloop Member
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    Just wanted to say thanks, noticed that the interface change to this is now in the released app. :)
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    Great! I'm very glad you find it useful and thanks for sharing it.
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    This is super helpful. I use notes a lot with individual tasks, for example in my "be good at my job" goal, I have attend meeting, and work on a task as sub tasks. Being able to change the default is going to make this a bit easier.

    So I may have several meetings on one day and each will have a note about which meeting it is. This is helpful for putting a meeting on my calendar in advance so it's already there when I'm setting up my day plan in the morning.

    I'll re-use "work on a task" multiple times in a day but each will have it's own note:

    • update XYZ website

    • update ABC website

    • redesign campus map

    That helps me better block out time for individual tasks even though all the task information is in Asana.

    Is there a way I can look back at all the individual notes from the past? It's more of a curiosity thing than anything else. It's not integral to my effectiveness.
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    Hi Jody, welcome to the forum! (and sorry for late response)

    Yes, you can see notes grouped by type when you edit a task, and tap "Notes" at the bottom of the Edit screen. Instance notes display their date at the bottom of each note and how many days have passed since taking the previous one.
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    Also when you click "More" you can change the sorting to have the oldest notes first.

    Plus you can:
    - read all using TTS
    - share all - which means export them as text. Then if you choose to share by email you can email them to yourself and read on a computer screen. Actually looking at the list now I'm thinking that we should add a date here before each note - I'll implement it soon.
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