Difference between types of notes in Separate Notes module

In the separate notes module, what is the difference between a daily note and an instance note? I've read the description of them, but I'm still not sure I understand. Thank you!


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    General note: appears in the list of notes of a given task always, every day, for every instance and in the task editing view.

    Daily note: is assigned to a given calendar day. When the day comes a message appears at the top of the plan "You have 1 note for today". When you click it you can read the note and hide it, delete, or schedule the task for which it was created. It appears in the list of notes for every instance of its task on that day and in the task editing view where it has its date specified, so could be used as diary for tasks that are done not more than once a day.

    Instance note: is assigned to a given instance of a task. So if you have 3 tasks named "Meal", they are the same task but separete instances of it. If you want to have a detailed diary of what you ate, you can create a separate instance note for each of the tasks. Then you can see the given note only when you mark the given instance and choose "Notes" from the menu. And in the task editing view, where all instance notes are grouped together and sorted - so again you have a diary, but even more detailed.


    The main purpose:
    - for General type: notes that we always want to see - under the task name, in pop-up after marking done a previous task, when we display the list of notes on any day and for any instance. Or notes which do not depend on time in any way. For instance in my "Food preparation" task I have general notes with my most important recipes that I often need.
    - for Daily note: something like a reminder without alarm. So let's imagine there will be a huge sale of red peppers in some hipermarket on 2016.08.15. I could buy a 100kg of it and ask my mom to make her special sauce of it :D I don't like hipermarkets and would feel a bit guilty asking my mom to make that much sauce, so I don't sweat it to set an alarm clock for that day for 7am. I just create a daily note for my "Shopping" task. On that day I see the note when I have time for it and if I'm in a mood and my mom is in a mood I go to the shop, otherwise I delete the note.
    - Intstance note: best for diaries. Or when I go to the gym I use instance notes to write down some things about how it went and results which I don't track in any log. I don't go more than once a day to the gym, but if I used a daily note instead I would see "You have 1 note for today" at the top and I would have to tap it, then tap the note, then tap "Hide", so it's not worth it.


    Hope that explains it. If not - don't hesitate to ask more questions.

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    OK cool that makes sense, thanks for the detailed description. I was unclear about the difference between the instance note and the calendar date note, but your description of the latter as a low key reminder for a future date totally makes sense.
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