Subdivide a Task -- possible?

{Sorry if this has been answered already. The forum search does not seem to be working for me.}

Is there a way to subdivide a large task into smaller sub-tasks? For example, I have several sets of tests to grade, and want to break these down into smaller tasks of about 20 - 30 min each, like (1) set up class roster into a sppreadsheet;(2) sort tests; (3) grade; (4) enter grades (5) update grades in spreadsheet; (6) print grades and post for students.

With a task like this, it helps me to break it down into small pieces like this. (Kind of like breaking a project into smaller tasks.) Also, I need to put the pieces in order like I have written down. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks, DrJ


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    Hi DrJ, welcome to the forum!

    You could create a Task Set that groups all these tasks and lets you add them all in one go, in a specified order, to the schedule - just like you add a single task.
    - navigate to Categories > Task Sets
    - tap "+"
    - type in a name like "Grading tests"
    - find and tap the newly created set and use "+" inside it to add tasks to it.

    If you don't see "Task Sets" in Categories you may have the module disabled. To enable it navigate to Modules > Free core modules > Task Sets.

    It's best to create all the tasks first under a specific Value / Goal / Task Group - it's easier than creating them at the same time as adding to the Task Set.

    And it makes a lot of sense to break tasks down like this. Then you can generate stats for them, find bottlenecks and improve the entire process much easier than when looking at 1 big task. Each such smaller task can be tagged with multiple tags. Then separate monitors may be created for each tag and stats by tag generated.

    An example tag could be: "Working with spreadsheets". It could be used for the tasks you mention and for any other tasks from any other Values/Goals or Categories. If you find out that spreadsheet actually take a lot of your time you may hire a VA to do it for you or find/create a tool for easier data input.

    Let me know if it doesn't answer your question, I'll be happy to look for another solution.

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