Task history calendar view - display minutes

Hi Adam,
I don't consider this as a real bug, but at least it confused me for some time ;)

When viewing the History of a task, most of the times were truncated to the lower hour. For example, this is the history of my task "Sleep":

Although today, I slept 5:55 hrs, it shows only "5". I was confused for a long time, I thought it rounds to the hour, but then I would expect to see "6" rather than "5".
It even got weirder when I saw that on October 6 and 22, the minutes áre shown!

Finally, I found out the issue, when I turned my phone horizontally and in landscape mode, all minutes were dispplayed! It turns out there was not enough space in portrait mode to display 2 digits for minutes, so only the entries with 1-digit minutes are displayed.
Now, my phone has a rather low resolution - compared to today's standards - 960 x 540 px, so I think that not that many people experience this issue.

Turning my screen is a good workaround to see the exact minutes, but in portrait mode, I don't see the entire month at once:



  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Thank you, that's a good observation. I can somehow impove the display by showing ... when the entire h/m doesn't fit in. I'll also see if I manage to make the size of the font adjust better to narrow screens.
  • PascalPascal Moderator
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    I don't know if the time format hh:mm looks meaningful to you, to me it looks like a good alternative to make it more compact.
    For example:
    "6h 25m"
    would become

    Just my two cents :D
  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Yeah, it looks miningful and I like to compact things too. Just need to think about special cases a bit, eg:
    * These 2 would be slightly longer, but still probably easier to read:
    1h -- 1:00
    5m - 0:05
    * These would require some clarification:
    2d 3h 14m -- 2d 3:14 ?
    3h 10m 50s -- 3:10:50 or 3:10.50 ?
    There must be some convention for it.. or 20 :D
  • PascalPascal Moderator
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    Ideally, the time duration format could be configurable in the settings (Look & Feel), just as is the case already for the normal date and time format.

    For the second point: I'm not sure I understand what you mean: I expect the history of a task in the calendar view to include only hours and minutes, not days or seconds? :-)

    Not related to the above, but also in the task history - calendar view:
    The calendar data doesn't update when you go forward/backward to next/previous month in landscape mode:
    - open the history of a task in portrait: you see the history of the current month
    - turn your screen to landscape
    - press on the previous month arrow
    - the name of the month changes in the heading, but the calendar data doesn't
  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Yeah, sorry, you're right with days/seconds - I was thinking ahead about introducing alternative format in other places.

    The other thing is a bug - I see it on my phone too, thanks.
  • PascalPascal Moderator
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    Adam, regarding the time formatting/display: I just noticed that, in the Log history (list) view, you use the format dd:hh:mm:ss when "Time diffs from the first" is selected. So, it would be consistent to use colons as separators for the time values in the history calendar view as well :-)
  • AdamAdam Developer
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    OK, I'll use that format.
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