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Starting from version 5.2.0 there's a system for sharing Categories, Values, Goals, Tasks, Task Sets, General Notes, Tags, Log Groups, Logs and Goal Monitors and configurations of Periodeus with other people.

It started as a result of cooperation with Johanna who is going to use Goalist to help other students with ADHD.

We would be extremely happy if you shared yours for the benefit of other users, particularly beginners. But also for your own - as in the process you'll have an opportunity to tidy and perfect your structure.

Even if you don't want to share anything with others, you can still generate the export file to get a "bird's eye view" of your data that you can view in a browser of your phone or computer.

How it works


Navigate to Backup, tap Export to share. Choose what you want to share. You can share:

  • An entire Category (or more) with all its tasks
  • An entire Value (or more) with all its Goals, Task Groups and Tasks
  • A Task Set only and the system will automatically include everything that's needed for this Task Set to work on another device
  • Notes of Values, Goals, Task Groups and Tasks (only General type notes here)
  • Checklists
  • Log Groups and Logs
  • Tags
  • Goal Monitors
  • Configurations of Periodeus
After tapping OK the system will generate a file goalist-export.html and put it in your phone's storage in the Goalist/backup folder.

You can open the file in a browser and you'll see all the elements exported in a hierarchy. If you exported notes you can compact the view, i.e.: hide notes or show them back clicking the button in the bottom-left corner of the screen (Detailed View / Compact View).


If you or another user want to import this data, you tap the Download button in the bottom-right corner. The file will be saved to your internal memory / SD card, most probably to the Downloads folder. Go to the Backup view and use the last button Import o GEX file - tap it and find the file you downloaded. Its default name is goalist-import.gex

Tap the file, then tap Import. Goalist creates every element one-by-one unless it already exists. It doesn't overwrite any of your data or already existing elements. If you import the same data twice nothing new will be created, all elements will be recognized as already existing.

To share the file with others create a new discussion here in the forum in the Sharing category, upload the goalist-export.html file using Attach a file and write a few words of description.

Example file

Here's an example of how the goalist-export.html looks and works: http://cambiastic.com/goalist/goalist-export.html

Please try to import it and let us know how it went.

Current state and plans for the future

Currently the system is able to export Categories, Values, Goals, Tasks, Task Sets and Notes.

Next we will:
- add buttons/dialogs making it easier to share the export file, rename it, add title and description
- work on translations of the interface - currently only in English, but data in any language can be exported/imported

It would be helpful though to get some feedback from you first on the current system to tune it together! Don't hesitate to join the discussion here or contact us by private message or email.

Thanks in advance!


At the moment in Android 6 and higher you need to manually configure App Permissions for Goalist to access storage. Otherwise export, backup, sound recording won't work. Eg: without it the export would get "stuck" and just spin.


  • shawnmalikshawnmalik Member
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    Hi, my android phone or my PC don't seem to recognize correctly the goalist-import.gex file

    This is what I get in Chrome when I press the download button:

    C|.|6|.|Example category|.|darkblue
    V|.|42|.|Example value|.|green|.|50|.|Nam libero tempore, cum soluta nobis est el

    Android just can't open it.

    It's a really great addition to Goalist and I hope I'll be soon able to import/export my goals!

    Thanks, Shawn.
  • PascalPascal Moderator
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    Cool feature, Adam!
    I got an error while exporting: a message saying that tasks that are "uncategorized" are not supported.
    The result is an incomplete goalist-export.html: task sets are not present, and the bottom buttons are missing as well (detailed view / compact view and Download)
  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Pascal said:

    I got an error while exporting: a message saying that tasks that are "uncategorized" are not supported.

    Great, I'm happy you like it. Yeah, this category is not supported, but the app needs to delete the partial file in that case..

  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Hi, my android phone or my PC don't seem to recognize correctly the goalist-import.gex file

    Do you have any other browser installed on your phone?

    If you have some file browser (and patience) could you try this?:
    - click Download
    - once the gex loads choose menu > save > import.gex
    - in a file browser tap the gex file and see if at least *.* type proposes Goalist as the opening app

  • rashidmrashidm Moderator
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    Great idea and implementation of an essential feature developed with an honorable purpose in mind (helping ADHD), Adam. In my case exported .HTML file worked OK. If you find an easy way to implement exporting all types of notes, then, please, do. Together with top rated "Target goals", it would be another great step towards making Goalist an all-in-one planner.
  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Hi Rashid! Good to have you in the forum again :D

    I will implement exporting other types of notes and functionality to share notes, checklists and other elements. The export must develop in two directions - not only to be the first step to subsequent sharing & importing. But also to provide views of your own data that's never shared.

    One of these would be exporting just the daily or instance notes to generate real diaries you can read on a computer screen without all the other stuff (tasks, etc). We could think about exporting diary from 1 task or another its version where each day contains all instance notes from all the tasks.

    Probably also things like exporting a single checklist into a printable form would be useful.

    Until the "Data Export" module gets more votes this other direction will most probably not blossom, but one day it surely will so I really appreaciate this kind of ideas. I'll add them to the description of the module as well.

    Thanks a lot!

  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Pascal said:

    I got an error while exporting: a message saying that tasks that are "uncategorized" are not supported.

    So the solution here that I'm thinking about would be to have 2 versions of export - "private" which will allow to export everything, and "for share" which will protect data like instance notes and care about quality not allowing "uncategorized" tasks. + more control with additional "include" options, although I wouldn't like this interface to grow excessively..

  • AdamAdam Developer
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    I've just published version 5.2.1 which extends sharing capabilities. New elements you can now export and see in the HTML format (and hopefully share at some stage):

    • Checklists
    • Tags
    • Log Groups and Logs
    • Monitors of Goals
    • Configs of Periodeus
    Additionally Checklists, Notes and even quotes can also be shared separately, eg: via email (check MORE options of their interfaces).

    "Uncategorized" tasks are still not exported (as basic quality control), but the process doesn't break - the Task Sets containing them are simply skipped and listed at the end of the process.

    The GEX file can be imported from the Backup screen (last button). You can now browse your internal memory / SD card and find the file downloaded, so that the system doesn't need to recognize the "gex" extension any more, which was a major PITA.

  • jodycbjodycb Member
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    I'm sharing because I encountered this issue and figured it out in case someone else has the same problem.

    My App Permissions were not set to allow goalist to access storage.
    Because of that the export would get "stuck" and just spin.
    Probably obvious to others but it took me a while to figure out.

    It would be a neat additional feature to be able to export these directly to google drive.
  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Thank you! It wasn't obvious, so I've added it to the top description. And I still need to fix these permissions in newer Android - backup also wouldn't work, or sound recording. I may have access to Android 6 soon, so hope to get it done.
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