ADHD-Students Guide to Goalist

Hey Goalist-enthusiasts,

so finally I've put together the sharing file mentioned here in Adams post from 12.12.2016. Check my sharing file in the attachment.


The tutorial is a good start for anyone who is just getting to know the app and includes suggestions about how to plan without getting overwhelmed. People with ADHD and students are certain groups of people that can benefit from extra help when it comes to setting goals, plans and monitoring their daily habits and workload, but the database can be as useful to anyone. Download it and start planning right now, modifying it to suit your purpose as you use it!

I will be updating the tutorial and perfectioning the sharing file as I learn more about what works best when it comes to planning and about the diverse features of the app that can support that. Still, even after 6 months of using it, I encounter all the time features that are really useful and new to me. Please share your feedback and ideas here in the forum or through the contact form on the website!

Hope everyone gets a great start to the new year with planning and achieving their goals and dreams! Goalist is definitely helping me to do that!
Love, Johanna


  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Hi Johanna. The tutorial looks great!

    The next version of the export/import system was just finished. It will be published soon together with new descriptions of its usage.

    Thanks and best of luck with your mission. We'll be supporting you along the way and we're sure a lot of good stuff will come out of it. Eg: the export/import system wouldn't exist if you haven't started this project :D so thanks a lot for the motivation!
  • johannajohanna Member
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    Great news - can't wait! Thank you!
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