What is the Value Health Score?

AdamAdam Developer
Value Health Score can be found under the name of each Value on the list of Values. You can navigate to the list using the top-left corner drop-down menu. Choose Categories, then Values & Goals.

It is a special number that reflects the state of the Value. For each Goal Monitor in an OK/green state it gets positive points. For each Goal Monitor in a Failed/red state it gets negative points.

The algorithm takes into account:

  • The importance of the Value.
  • The number of Goals the Value contains.
  • How far from the threshold (the limit we set when configuring a Monitor) the Goal is at the moment.

You can sort Values by the Health Score and see which Value needs to get the most attention (because it's the least healthy).

This number can also be used in the Dashboard view. Using Menu > Settings you can, for instance, choose to sort the list of Goals by the "Current order of Values, then percentage difference from the threshold". If you have the sorting of Values set to "Lowest Value Health Score first" - you'll see a list that can help you decide which Goal should be worked on next.

The better you tune the Importance of each of your Value and the monitoring threshold of each of your Goal Monitor - the greater help the Health Score will be in decision making.

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