Auto Adjustment

My tasks are not auto adjusting when I mark them done. I have the Auto Adjustment module on.
Help please.


  • shericabrownshericabrown Member
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    My bad, there is a button on screen (the button with the arrows) that auto adjusts tasks and instantaneously marks them done. Usually this is done by a popup after clicking the mark done button i believe.
  • AdamAdam Developer
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    This option can appear at the bottom or in a popup depending on your settings.

    1) Settings > Day plan context menu options - here you can choose whether "Mark done" should appear in the menu for a given task. This is shown only when you click "MORE" on the bottom toolbar, or long-press a task having the "Select Multiple Tasks" module turned OFF.

    2) Modules > Select Multiple Tasks > Settings - here you can configure the bottom and top toolbars. And choose the exact behavior of "Mark done". Here you can disable the buttons with arrows to get a popup instead (UNLESS you select "Never ask to shorten/lengthen").
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