Filter statistics?

Hi, new to Goalist but liking it so far...

Is there a way to filter which tasks are shown on the Statistics page? Reason for asking: I'm only using Goalist for work time (predominantly 08:00-18:00 Monday to Friday), so each day I have a 'No Plan' task from midnight to 08.:00.

That means that on the Statistics page, almost 50% of my time is allocated to No Plan, and I'd like to filter that out. Or maybe there's a better way if seeing how my work time is spent?


  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Hi Keith, welcome to the forum!

    So far there's no way to do additional filtering. I'm looking at the list of module proposals but don't see any related. So I'll create a proposal for this functionality and you can get free subscription for the idea.

    I remember talking about it before but can't find it now.. It would be nice to be able to click a category or goal and see a list of tasks that belong to it and the stats split between them. Filter out some tasks, even permanently in Settings. Or be able to select a few goals and see stats only for them. Any other ideas?

    For now you could achieve it moving "No Plan" to a Category like "Life necessities" and work-related tasks to the Values&Goals structure. Then you could use Value, Goal, Task group or Tag for "Stats basis" which would not include any tasks from outside the Values tree.

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    Thanks Adam. I like the idea of moving work-related tasks to the Values&Goals structure, but can I actually move them there? I can't see how to, and I don't really want to recreate them and lose historical information.
  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Yes there are a few Move options:
    1) Edit a task, click menu > Move
    2) Go to Categories > [your category] > long-press a task > Move OR mark multiple tasks > Options > Move
    3) Edit a goal, long-press a task > Move
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