Assigning tags to goals.

Hi, I'm just starting to use the Values/Goals interface after using the rest of Goalist for some time. I'm doing everything through tags so that I can have a single task attached to multiple goals. My question is: what does assigning a tag to a goal do? The way I'm doing everything is assigning tags to tasks and then using the goal monitoring to watch the task, but below there's an option to assign a tag to the goal itself rather than a task. Just curious. Thanks!


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    Great you keep exploring!

    So you may have multiple tasks inside a goal. Then instead of assigning the same tag to each task, you can assign it only to the Goal, Value or Task Group and it's inherited by all the tasks that they contain.

    Also: in some cases you may consider using Periodeus for single tasks - you don't get a graph, but you get periodic alarms which may be more appropriate for some applications than goal monitors. I'd actually like to create a case study illustrating various methods of approaching the monitoring (a study similar to this one: ). I'll write here when it's ready.

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    Okay, cool! That makes sense. Thanks. I've found myself using Goals a lot for non-urgent repeating tasks, where I don't necessarily have to have something done on a particular day, but I'd like to know whether I've done it in the past week/month/year or not.
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    Yeah, so Periodeus could be good for it. Then if you have for instance a task that you'd like to do at least once every 7 days Periodeus would count time from the last time you had this task scheduled and done. It would start alarming only if you haven't done the task for more than 7 days since the last time - which is more flexible than a simple reminder set for instance to Monday, 3pm. Because if you miss Monday and do this task on Wednesday 5pm, you'll get the next alarm on the next Wednesday 5pm, not next Monday - which would be the case when using a reminder.

    Then in the Schedule view you can use Menu > Add Periodic Tasks - to see a list of all tasks monitored by Periodeus and the last time each was performed. The system sorts them taking into account how far behind the schedule they are which helps in making the decision on what should be done next.

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    Nice, cool. I may start implementing that for more-urgent repeats. Thanks for the info! A lot easier than poking around myself.
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    Yes, thanks a lot for this full of rules and tips information!
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