Search not working at all (backup restore issue)

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I've used goalist for over a year (best app in the world) and I just had to replace my broken phone. Luckily I had a back up for goalist which worked great when I reinstalled the app on my new phone. All my tasks and goals are there and the monitoring is even right on schedule which is amazing.

The only problem seems to be that the search for a task is not working anywhere on the app. I click on add a task like normal and my keyboard pops up and I can type, but no results are displayed. It doesn't even display the normal "add new task" options. Just nothing. This means I can't add parallel tasks, replace tasks, insert before, or anything that involves the search bar. I attached a picture of the search bar typing working but no results appearing.

I would assume this has something to do with the backup restoration because I got the exact same phone I used to have and there have been no android software updates that I'm aware of since my last phone broke 3 days ago. This makes the app very difficult to use.

Update: I reinstalled the app and didn't download my backup file, and the search works perfectly. So it is definitely an issue with the restoring process. As soon as I load in my backup file, the search stops working again.


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    Weird.. the search just stared working again randomly. I guess disregard this thread.
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    Sorry for the problem late response. I've just published version 5.5.0, should become available in Play within 4 hours. I've upgraded the Support Library + did multiple bug fixes, and hope it will solve some strange issues like this :(
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