am i the only one that feels this way?

I may not fully understand the capabilities of the app yet, but I was a bit let down in a few areas ( considering I think the breadth of capabilities and features is amazing for the price and how membership is encouraged with supporting project development). My complaints may just be missing the intended use of this app as well and if anyone knows how to do these things properly I'd appreciate it.

-logs dont seem to be tracked with tags or tied to tasks
- I wanted to track my efforts towards muscle up progress, i wanted to see the quantity of pullups i did and time doesnt really track this well, maybe its a function on the way or im dumb.
-Theres not a way to apply task sets to multiple days as far as I can see.
- I wanted to make a monday task set and apply it to all mondays between x and x2, some days are just predictable and i know i can get lazy with having to make the meat of a day every morning or the whole week on saturday
-The instructional videos
- I think I have a grasp over what this app is used for and what I dont think is conveyed well is the mentality towards setting up these goals, tasks, task sets, logs, etc. I'd like to think I could come up with a script or kind of vague blueprint as to how I think it could go, but I'm still learning the app currently and would need some blanks filled.
- visually digestible
- the app doesn't have very easy to process connections. forums had to answer what tags set in goals did.
-once I figured out how tags were applied, I wanted to delete tasks that i made improperly but I still havent gotten this figured out yet.

PS: I plan to give an old samsung 3 note to you guys if it helps, and despite my complaining I do think the app is awesome with what it aims to do. I just have to figure out how it works for me.


  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Hi Borlax - welcome to the forum and thank you for the questions. Let's wait a bit to see if anyone wants to give their opinion, as I'm curious myself. If there's no reply I'll answer them in a few days.
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    Hi borlax and welcome to the forum
    I too love this app and use it almost daily, I think I share some of your wishlist and is one of the reason's I keep voting for the modules 'target goals' and 'complex monitoring conditions'. I'm not 100% sure myself what the best option would be for these modules, but they could either maybe be part of the same module/feature or separate for your example you probably have:
    a value of something like 'my health', inside which you have your goal 'I want my muscles to be x cm'
    Now because you want to monitor your goal or progress towards it you set up a monitor for the goal, but find you have to choose what to monitor, the log that tracks cm of the muscles or monitor the time you spend doing the task of building up muscles... and what i find is I want to do a bit of both. What I usually end up doing is setting up a log which would say something like muscles are x cm, and then set up the monitor to monitor that log.... but then there's no monitoring of progress or the time spent trying or anything like that... I suppose I could set up another goal called 'I will spend at least x amount of time building up muscles' and have a separate monitor. Another workaround I've been trying is to set up a monitor for the time for the tasks under the goal, but then set up a checklist for task/s to turn it into sort of a target goal... but because the checklist doesn't save the 'state' of checked off items you end up having to tick off the same individual checklist items each time you add the task to the schedule (and I know it's not what the intended purpose of the checklists are anyway).
    I don't know if, and this might be too complicated, it's like logs need to be 'inside' goals (or at least linked more directly, to goals)... and maybe then it would make more sense to set up a more complex monitor for the goal if you could see the tasks and logs together to achieve the goal.
    It's a great app and there's nothing else like it which takes into account the TIME it takes to mix in everyday tasks with goals you want to achieve... I don't think it's the fault of the app it's just the way life is, it's complicated! it's sometimes hard to know whether to break down tasks into very indvidual items to try and monitor more granularly or whether to not go too deep into individual tasks to try and stay on top of what you are actually trying to achieve and get too bogged down with too many items in the app... so for above example there's a choice of individual tasks like 'pressups' 'dumbells' etc. and separate monitor for each as opposed to a general task 'exercise'.
    Maybe 'subgoals' could be the answer I don't really know would love to know what other people think and what Adam and Anna have planned, but I think my biggest wish is target goals and complex monitoring conditions at the moment.
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