Task Sets, Checklists and Notes

Hi guys,

Firstly, as I said in my recent email, I want to thank you for creating this tool. Having been recently diagnosed with profound ADHD at the age of 33, Goalist has been an immense support in my journey of crafting a life that uses my abilities and de-emphasises my deficits. I'm going to post here soon regarding work I'm doing with university students and how I'd like to use Goalist as a pillar of that.

My question is this - if I create a Task Set that includes instances of tasks I also use outside of that Task Set, how do note and Checklists behave?

For instance, I have a task called "Review" in my "Organisation" category. If I add an instance note to the Review task in my "Monday Planning" task set, will the note appear on all occasions the Monday Planning set is used? Or will that note appear on all instances of that task regardless of whether I scheduled it through the task set or independently?

My question about Checklists is exactly the same - can a checklist be appended only to all instances of a task scheduled via a Task Set?



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    Hi Jason, I'm very happy you found Goalist so helpful. Sorry for late response but I was in a long travel with rare access to the Net. Do you still need these answers?
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