Repeating daily Monday - Friday... do we have to add week in advance

Hello Ana and Adam:
I am excited to move forward with your genius app... I went through and copied each day for the entire week... set all to repeat then went to the following week to confirm that the days were all set up and they were not. Is there a easier way to make a copy of the days for the entire month or even year or is this part method to add a week at a time then just copy a day.

Thank you Tim


  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Hi Tim - welcome to the forum!

    What do you mean by "set all to repeat"? Which option did you use?

    The best way to have repeated plans is to use Task Sets. You can go to any day, tap menu, choose "Convert into Task Set". Or create one from scratch going to Categories -> Task Sets -> New set.

    At the moment the app does not insert any tasks automatically. We could implement automatic addition of entire task sets.. But using a task set it's just a matter of a few taps, so it's not too bad.

    And we believe in what Eisenhower said: "plans are useless, but planning is indispensable". Which means that devoting at least 5 minutes every day to even simply add a pre-prepared Task Set to the schedule manually and have a quick look through it triggers something really valuable in mind, that's much more important than the plan itself.

    Anyway - we'll think about automating that, thanks for the suggestion.
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    I think that by allowing to set a week or a month or a year it gives the feeling of the journey is over. Oh great I've comepleted my tasks. But the task is not to "set the tasks" it's to actually perform them. So being forced to actually make the schedule sets the mind to recalling the actual tasks for that day. When you see them each day you are more likely to execute them. In a typical TODO planner I find a false sense of security in that I know the tasks have been entered so I feel safe. I haven't lost the ideas. So I don't find it necessary to review them each day. And they sit and sit and grow and grow. Then they become meaningless instead of meaningful.
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    I couldn't express it better - thanks man!
  • AbiAbi Member
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    I actually think this is very useful for people who are achieving their goals by sticking to their previously-set-up sessions. For example, Mondays and Wednesdays, I must attend my martial arts classes. I am contributing to my Healthy Body by just not having to delete or change the schedule I set up for myself already. The repeating tasks are great for those of us who opted to use external pressures as well, like by paying for scheduled lessons or classes.

    I respectfully would like to second the suggesting of repeating Task Sets by week at least, and maybe by month.
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