Error sound of reminders

Hello! I can not adjust the sound of reminders. I turn off the speech synthesizer, in the settings I specify the default sound (system audio files). But since each task has its own sound file, which should be located in the Audio folder, problems arise. Audio folder is empty, I can not copy the file there. Please correct this error.


  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Hello! I'm not sure what the problem is, could you please specify more details:
    1) Would you like to assign a separate sound file to each task? Or does each of your task have an already assigned sound file which is not present in the "audio" folder anymore? (like after moving to another phone and loading a backup file).
    2) Why can't you copy anything to the "audio" folder? Which app do you use to copy files? Goalist has nothing to do with copying problems, it may be a system permission problem. Eg: an app you use for copying has not been given a write permission to the SD card.
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