Notification is not working

I checked 'Enable notifications' , 'Enable sound notifications' in setting, and my notification sound is 'system notification sound'. I also checked 'Enable alarm by default' in task, and there's blue clock icon.
But I never heard about notifications or alam since I download the app. (Is it differenet that notification and alam?) And I'm curious about notification could be only vibrate ; no sound. Also, am I right that 'Notification allowed from/to' both check 12:00 AM to get notification for 24H?


  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Hi Suzy, welcome to the forum! What's your Android version?
  • SuzySuzy Member
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    It's 8.0.0
  • AdamAdam Developer
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    So, unfortunately, notifications don't work above Android 7 for now :( I'll be providing updates in this thread:
  • SuzySuzy Member
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    Oh, I see. Thanks for the reply.
  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Version 6.0.2 works in Android 8. In case of any problems see post:
  • San1San1 Member
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    I had the opposite problem after the update. I disabled all my notifications and I was still getting them. I went ahead & uninstalled/reinstalled app & still no luck. Finally I pressed on the notification reminder and and it took me to the android app settings. I was able to turn it off that way. To turn back on then I'll just have to go to my Android settings/apps/ALL/Goalist check Show notifications. Hopefully when I upgrade to android 8 & no later version than 8. I won't have to do this.
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