Please install the newest version of Google Play Store

I am using the goalist from Afghanistan and all of my applications are up to date. when I click on levels of modules, it shows me a text "please install the newest version of Google Play Store". as I stated all my applications are up to date, but I do not know why the application show me this error.
it worth to mention that google play store says this application is not available in Afghanistan, I have downloaded and installed the application manually, not through google play store.

Thanks for your cooperation, I looking forward to receive a solution from you.


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    Hi Abdul. It may be the problem then. The message looks incorrect, but it's a general one meaning that something is wrong with Play Store. And in this case, it must be that the Store refuses to return any data for the app that's not available in Afghanistan.

    I don't know a solution to that at the moment...

    If you'd like to support us by buying access to some level it can be done through this forum as well. The only difference for you would be that you'd have to type in a 6-letter Special Code in Settings > Special codes to activate the subscription. And you'd get even more discount.

    And for us the difference would be that Google would not take its 30% cut, so more money would go into development anyway.

    Btw, if you'd like to access APKs from forum, the link is:

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    So I was having problems with the newest version of Google Play store app. The new version wasn't showing but I force stop & fixed it.
    Anyhow, the reason for this post is because I realized Google Play Store has constant bugs. Last month in Dec 2018, I subscribed to 1 year of Goalist. Made the payment through the Goalist app & Google Play Store, confirmed the payment and submitted. Goalist was fully unlocked & had no problems. Everything was working for me. But when I did all the updates, the Goalist app wouldn't give me access to LEVEL 3 modules. I checked the subscription through the Goalist app and it didn't give me any information. I even have a screenshot of the Level 3 modules subscription expiration date for 1 year when I made the payment. I decided to check all payment history records and there was nothing indicating the payment was made. Google play store never took the money. I did see that Google play Store account services had an expired card as the main payment. I updated my information and made the Goalist yearly subscription again, and it works now.... Phew! I'm glad I checked everything and even took a screenshot of the first attempt to subscribe for another year. I was stressing and was a bit confused! But it happens, nothing is perfect.
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    Yeah, dealing with google products' bugs and deficiencies is my main pain point when it comes to Android development. So thank you for sharing this.
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