New Release: version 4.6.0

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We're receiving many complaints about the App being too complex and its interface too cluttered. So we decided to simplify it by turning off everything we could. We've moved as much of the functionality as possible into Modules and disabled many options by default.

So if you're not seeing something you saw before and want it back - simply go to the Modules screen, find the relevant module and turn it on. If you miss an option - enable it in Settings of the App or in Settings of a particular Module.

There are also many new options and settings added, all disabled by default, so it's worth checking all the Settings anyway (there are no more 'Coming soon' popups). For instance:

Module: Goal Tracking & Monitoring

  • you can choose to hide 'goals without a monitor' on pie charts of the Dashboard and Values and disable alarms about them on the day plan
  • number of days shown on monitoring graphs was moved here from general Settings
Module: Select Multiple Tasks

  • you can disable confirmation dialogs for 'Remove' and 'Mark done', make 'Mark done' not ask for shortening/lengthening and choose to instead show a shorten/lengthen buttons on the toolbar
  • there are multiple new options available, including moving entire blocks up and down and a 'Replace' for multiple tasks, which also merges tasks being replaced if a continuous block was selected
  • more options and icons on top and bottom toolbars, in both single and multi-select modes are almost ready and will be available soon
Module: Day Plan Auto Adjustments

  • you can allow manual changes to fixed tasks - that way you protect them only against automatic schedule adjustments (ie: when the list is full, you are increasing the duration of one task and the system automatically squeezes another one), but you can still manually change the duration instead of having to unfix the task, adjust duration, fix it again

Last release had 5 modules. This comes with 8 free, 4 paid and 11 proposals created based on ideas and feedback from the Forum. Thank you very much for all the comments and emails.

The 4 paid modules include Category Editor and Themes. Any payments can now be done on this one screen for more consistency. If you had any paid module bought before you retain rights to it forever and additionally you're getting access to the new paid modules for free during the next few months.

We're now asking for subscribing to our development support program because in order to implement all the new ideas we need to recover some time from other bill-paying activities, and that seems the only way for now. Hopefully it will work, the new features are really exciting and we can't wait to dive into developing them.

Values now don't have any associated images, but instead: pie charts showing the proportions of OK / Failed / No Monitor goals. That's the beginning of work on features which will allow you to decide which Value and Goal need your attention, what you should work on.

Another change in this direction is getting rid of general OK/Failed/Unknown statuses of Goals and replacing them with the actual deviation from the thresholds set in their monitors. Eg: instead of seeing only a red icon with a cross, you'll now see "-33%" which is more meaningful.

Next, we'll be working on Value Health Score which will calculate a numerical score for each Value taking into account the amount of Goals it has, their exact states and deviations from monitoring thresholds and other factors. At the moment the number displayed is the Value's importance.

Using options: 'Replace', 'Insert before', 'Split' you're now not taken to the Categories screen. Instead, search is run right on the day plan, without changing screens. If you still want to browse Categories just tap the first suggestion in search results.

The same will be implemented for Task Sets soon.

Other changes:

  • Improved menu icons and some color corrections in various places
  • Values, Goals and Task Groups now display their Notes below their names
  • Wider dialogs in landscape mode for easier use of time sliders and text input
  • Multiple bug fixes, eg: statistics table header was disappearing on sorting data generated by Tag

Thank you so much for all the feedback and discussions! And as always - we're waiting for more :D


  • Ana & AdamAna & Adam Goalist Team
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    Problems reported so far / FAQ:

    Question: The theme doesn't change, restarting doesn't help
    Answer: Please make sure the module Themes is turned on (go to Modules, click the button on the right of the name, restart the app). We''ll make sure an appropriate message is produced when the module is off, sorry for the confusion.
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    Finally a new release, this is great!

    I really like all the improvements and I cannot wait to test them all!!
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