New Release: version 4.7.0

Ana & AdamAna & Adam Goalist Team
edited June 2015 in News
As described here we're introducing the Voting System. This release makes it possible to use it from within the app. Check the voting section in Modules -> Community supported modules to register as a Voter and vote.

Other changes:

  • New icons on the top toolbar - for editing a task and showing its notes. They may be enabled/disabled in Settings -> Day plan context menu options -> Top toolbar (scroll down to access it). If you find them useful you may want to disable these two menu options on the same screen for the normal context menu to make it shorter.
  • New icons on the top toolbar when multiple tasks are selected (if the Select Multiple Tasks module is turned on) - Split and Replace. Replace works also for a group of tasks (if the selected group is a continuous block of tasks it also merges them into one). They may be enabled/disabled in the module's configuration: Modules -> Select Multiple Tasks -> Settings -> Top toolbar. And here as well you may want to disable the same options in the normal context menu.
  • Bug fixes

Thanks again for all the feedback. We're waiting for more, and we're waiting for your votes!

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