How much effort does it take to develop Goalist?

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We've been approached a couple times with a question on how much it takes to develop an app like Goalist.
We were thinking about some ways of presenting it. We'll try to do it with some numbers first. If anyone here reads it and is interested in more, we can add more over time.

Goalist uses the following technologies:
- XML code and graphical elements to display things
- Java code to do things
- SQLite database to remember things

Server side uses:
- PHP code to process requests from Goalist, eg: accept votes from Subscribers
- MySQL database to store data, eg: remember votes from Subscribers

Looking for some round number we've calculated the number of code characters in files:
% wc --chars *.java | tail -n1
2289003 total

% wc --chars */*.xml | tail -n1
715308 total

Together it's 2,289,003 Java + 715,308 XML = 3,004,311 characters of code

3 millions don't say much, so how about this:

3,004,311 characters / 3,600 seconds in an hour / 8 hours every work day / 5 work days a week = 20.86 weeks = about 5 months

So imagine going to work 5 days a week for 5 months and working for 8 hours only on typing 1 character a second without any break.
Just typing, without thinking, planning, designing, testing.
(And the real number of all characters we've typed is even bigger, because multiple parts of the code during its lifetime are changed, corrected and rewritten many times).

- "Thinking? Planning? I've never seen a programmer doing anything else but typing"
- Yep. Here's an example of planning of just 1 basic action - a diagram of algorithm for what has to be taken into consideration when the arrow for moving a task down is tapped:

Now, besides charecters we also create graphical elements. There are in total:
% find . -iregex '.*\.png' | wc -l

1,561 PNG images and drawings.

- "1,500? I take that many pictures during a good holiday!"
- These are not pictures but icons and drawings used in menus, Themes, toolbars. Many of them besides designing and drawing needed additional processing, like splitting into 9 parts to make them scalable on various screen sizes (9-patch technique).

OK, if you're tough enough to get to the end of this post and want to know more - please comment below :D


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    Thanks Ana & Adam for your devotion!
    Looks like you might need a good organiser app that could do: timetracking, set goals, planning, tasks, reminders, monitoring progress.
    I can highly recommend Goalist! :-bd
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    Incredible! Awesome! Not enough thanks! =D>
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    Thank you very much Intan!
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