Notifications not happening anymore / significantly delayed

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Very newbie here. I started off with goalist for a few days, it returned notifications and reminders.. All was good. I'm back from vacation and started planning my day worth most of the tasks i made before.. Im moving through the day but I'm not getting any reminders when talks are done / starting.. The alarm icon is blue in my tasks and inside the task is “enable reminder "


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    Could you check a couple things for me please:
    - App version (Settings -> About -> Application version)
    - Do you have notifications enabled? (Settings -> Enable notifications)
    - Does Goalist's icon appear in the notification drawer? Maybe there's just a problem only with the notification sound..

    We may also set up a session on live chat. If you click the live chat icon in the bottom-right corner you'll see our availability times. If any suits you send me a private message and I'll connect and we'll investigate the problem.
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    i reset my note 4 and reinstalled programs notifications back!
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    Cool! Thanks for letting me know. One thing I noticed is that sometimes people set custom ringtones (using the Extended Notifications Sounds module), then delete or move the audio file and the app plays nothing in such case, as it can't find the file. Next release will have a fix for it - falling back to the default system notification sound.
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    The fix is ready and will appear in the next release.
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    I'm facing the same problem, but I don't want to reset and lose my sets, tasks and stats.
    I'm using goalist for two years now, mostly for my studies.
    So I didn't use it this summer and now notifications randomly appear : I got maybe 4 last week and it was at least 30 minutes late (today I got one 3 hours later).
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    Hi Marielle, welcome to the forum and thank you for reporting it.

    Please tell me:
    - did the problem start after a recent update?
    - which version do you currently have? Could you please update to 5.1.3 as soon as it appears in Google Play and confirm the alarms still malfunction?
    - did anything else change on you phone recently? Eg: have you installed an app cleaning internal memory / SD card that could remove some sounds from SD/Goalist/audio ?
    - when you didn't use it this summer did you just disable notifications in Settings, or did you also change the Nagger frequency or other settings?

    Thank you, I look forward to your answers.

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    - No, I don't think so, it started before the last update
    - I have the 5.0.5, and of course I will update to the next one and inform you of any change
    - I may have downloaded new apps (not a cleaning one), but no big change
    - And finally I didn't disable anything this summer (maybe I should have ? )

    Thank you for answering so quickly
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    I updated to 5.1.3
    It seems to improve : I got a notification and it was only 6 minutes late and the nagger 6 minutes later (if I'm not mistaking it remains unusual, it should ring on time isn't it ?)

    Edit : I got my last alert on time it seems to be working ! Thank you for your assistance

    PS: The new 1 minute precision is a great new feature
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    Great, happy to hear it. And thank you for the update.

    I'd also like to add that:
    1) I noticed on some systems that the policies related to conserving power / standby mode are more strict and result in a delay in notifications. I think they try to group at least some notifications to minimize the amount of times the device is woken up.
    2) About 1m delay may be caused by various Goalist's mechanisms protecting against too frequent alarms. They were added after the Periodeus module was introduced and tested with a large amount of monitors and short nagging time configured. That's tough to process correctly and some compromise had to be made between notification accuracy and a need to avoid alarms ringing one after another too quickly. This should improve over time as the alarming system evolves, but there will always be some limits.

    Anyway, please test it for some time and let me know if the problem returns. I'll do my best to improve the precision as much as possible if it becomes too annoying and as I gather more data and reports.

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