Is there any web interface for using Goalist independently from devices?

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At first I want to say Thankyou! for this outstanding app with it's sophisticated approach to connect everyday tasks with values and goals!!!

By actually going to avoid too much time at my android smartphone I want to ask if there is any webinterface or cloud based solution to use goalist?

An webaccount to use goalist somewhere in the internet via username and password, you know...

Thank You for sharing Your knowledge and thoughts...

Greetings from Berlin, Germany


  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Hello Iven and thank you very much!

    So far there's no web interface, but it will be developed in the future. It will definitely be very helpful so I look forward to it myself.
  • ivensoivenso Member
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    Hello Adam,
    are there any news about www or a Roadmap to webinterface?

    Kind regards,
  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Hello Iven. There's no Roadmap yet for this feature. I did research and that would be a big task for which we don't have resources yet.

    Also, there's a perfect alternative. It's TeamViewer mentioned by ronngagnon in this post. It has various clients, including web and you can connect from any computer to your device and see your phone on the screen.

    It also has various hosts, eg: a specialized one for Samsung devices.
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