Goal importance

How does the software make use of the Importance field for goals? Is it simply notational, or does it also serve a larger purpose?


  • AdamAdam Developer
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    You may sort your values by the importance (menu -> Sort by).

    And we're working on an algorithm that will help determine which value is neglected the most and should get the most attention, and this algorithm will take importance into account in its calculations.
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    Hello Adam,

    I still have some questions about "Importance".

    Does "Importance" sum up to 100?

    Does "Importance" mean "the importance in life" or "the importance in daily life"?
    The former represents "priority in life" (such as family), and the latter represents "time planned to spend/allocate" (such as work or duties). They're not the same. Thanks! ^_^
  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Sorry for the late response. Importance of all the values does not sum up to 100. It's up to 100 for every value.

    It's meant to mean "priority in life". But it would in fact mean "time planned to spend" IF we couldn't monitor things not related to time:
    - logs
    - frequency of doing tasks (monitor by "tag" or "all tasks" > "occurrences sum up to")

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