New Release: Version 4.8.0

Ana & AdamAna & Adam Goalist Team

New module - Checklists!

This version includes the first community supported module - Checklists! We'd like to thank again all the supporters!

Until the end of September the module is free to use to everyone. Just go to Modules and turn it on. Please check it out and report any issues or ideas for improvements.

To see the thread related to this module with a description of how to use it click here.

Other changes

  • There is a new font in use (as suggested here). More fonts will appear soon.

  • Log has a new option in the context menu: "History (list)" marked as BETA as it has its issues, but was made available already because of its usefulness (as discussed here).

  • Settings have a new element: "Task height" marked as experimental for now as we need some feedback to know how to develop it further. You may now influence whether in the schedule / day plan view adjustments are made depending on task's duration - task height, showing/hiding notes, font size, etc. Details here

  • Modules have a new option in their menu: "Delete all voting data". If you happen to have any issue with voting you may try using this option to clear all your voting data, then use "Set Voter ID" and copy/paste your Voter ID from the registration email. And PLEASE report it to us! We've only got 1 report about it without any details. The Voting System is new, we need your feedback to improve it, and it's really important to us that you vote.


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