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Logo Design Process


The short version of the process is available on our logo portfolio page.

Table of Contents

Step #1: Submit you project details

First, contact us using our contact form or email to start a conversation.

We can reply by email, so that you have everything in writing. Or we can talk over a phone or Skype/Zoom, whatever is more convenient to you. If you choose phone or Skype/Zoom, please specify your availability - preferred date(s) and time(s).

We will ask clarifying questions, request additional data and, if you don't mind, offer our advice regarding not only the logo but also the approach to the branding process. Together we'll work out the best approach to your branding and marketing efforts, for which the logo is usually the starting point.

Finally, we'll create a proposal including a quote for the project.

Step #2: Pay 50% deposit

Before we start working on the project, we always ask for a deposit. Its purpose is to make sure that our payment options work for you and that our invoice is acceptable to you.

We provide invoices in a PDF format. They can be paid using: After you pay the deposit, you receive a link to your own dedicated project page. It provides means to rate and leave detailed feedback for each concept at every stage of the project. Before the first concepts appear there you can see the estimated concept delivery time and track the progress of their creation, step by step. Click here to see an example of such project page.

Step #3: Choose a Concept & Provide feedback

Once the initial concepts are ready they appear on your project page and you're notified about it by email.

If you like any concept you can provide you feedback on it and request changes to it. You can also provide feedback for all the remaining concepts, so that we better understand your preferences.

If you don't like any concept you're free to walk away from the project, no questions asked. It never happened to us, but it's good to understand you have this right and have no obligation to continue or provide any feedback if you don't want to.

Step #4: Request unlimited revisions for a month

You are entitled to an unlimited number of changes for a month that you can request to the selected concept (starting from a first submission of the initial concepts).

After each change request we'll work on new versions of the logo and place them on your project page. You can again rate each version and provide comments. The process continues until 31 days pass, or when you're sarisfied with your logo (whichever comes first).

Step #5: Pay the remaining amount

Only when you're satisfied with your logo we ask you to pay the remaining amount using the same invoicing and payment methods as in Step #2.

After that we pixel-perfect your logo. Then we prepare it for print. Both are complex and time-consuming processes. Their effects are usually not visible to the naked eye, but absolutely necessary to make sure the logo can be scaled without limitations, used in any subsequent projects, on any background and that it can be printed out without issues. The logo must look equally great on a business card, billboard, car wrap and t-shirt.

Then we prepare and export final files. The set of formats provided is designed to cover all your needs for online and offline usage of the logo. That is on websites, social media profiles, in print. The AI vector file can be used in any other branding or marketing graphic design project.

Click here to see a list of file formats and their descriptions on an example project page. The files may be downloaded separately from our website, all at once in a ZIP format, or we can place them on our Google Drive if so requested.

We want to make sure you know how to use your new assets, so we provide descriptions of each file and we are on hand to provide immediate assistance or to answer any questions you may have, at any point in the future.

Step #6: Obtain full copyright ownership

Now you have the full copyright ownership of your design. We never use any ready-made elements, like Clipart. We create all drawings by hand, from scratch. So we guarantee your design is original and can be trademarked.

Even more details

If you're interested in even more details, you can click here to read about our logo development process.

If you feel you know enough and would like to work with us, please contact us now to start a conversation.
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