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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a logo cost?

It is hard to answer without more details of the project. There's no standard price because each project is customized to your individual needs. Every company or individual has different needs. The best way to get an answer is to contact us to get a quote. It's free and in the process we can help you clarify your requirements and ideas.

How and when do I pay?

We ask you for a small deposit upfront, just to verify that our payment system works for you. Only after the project is finished and you're 100% happy we ask you for the remaining amount. If you're not happy you can walk away from the project without paying anything more.

We give you an invoice in a PDF format. It can be paid using:
  • A payment card - through the Stripe's payment gateway. Very easy to use, minimum number of form fields to fill in. It accepts payment cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB.
  • PayPal - here you may choose to pay using a payment card or PayPal balance. It accepts payment cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.
Stripe seems much easier to use, PayPal has long forms if you don't already have an account with them.

Will I get an invoice?

Yes, we provide invoices in PDF format.

Will I get 100% Ownership Rights?

Yes, you acquire e 100% Ownership Rights of the final artwork.

Can you incorporate my ideas into the design?

Yes, don't hesitate to share your thoughts, examples of what you like and what you don't like - at any stage of the project. We are interested in every detail you may provide and every idea or preference you may have.

What if I'm unsure of how my logo should look like?

Don't worry, it's our job to know. And we start every project with an extensive research. The research focuses on the business and its competitors. It establishes what's already present on the market and how to differentiate your brand from your competitors and avoid generic clich├ęs.

Just tell us about your business or product and leave the rest to us. We'll create some concepts for you and then, if you want to, we'll introduce changes to the one you like best based on your feedback.

How will the artwork be delivered to me?

We make the final files available for download through our website. They appear on your dedicated project page. Click here to see an example project page and a list of file formats provided.

I live in a different country. Is it possible to get my logo designed by you?

Yes, we can create a design for you regardless of your location. You don't even have to reveal your location to us.

Do you offer any other design services?

Yes, we do various things related to branding, like business cards, letterheads, corporate identity, web design & development and more - see the full list here.

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