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Creating a Perfect Logo

How to create a brand signature that conveys the right message

Creating a Perfect Logo - cover

The 'Perfect' means very different things for you and a client. For a direct client who orders from you for his own small business. And for a corporate employee who was given a job of getting a new company logo.

Each side of the deal can be satisfied. And you'll avoid many problems along the way if you embrace the different needs. In this tutorial we'll show you how to predict and recognize various needs and satisfy them maximizing your rates.

The eBook comes with online tutoring by email to resolve all your questions and make a personalized monitoring of your progress.

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Table of Contents

  1. Understanding your clients' brand aspirations & vision
    1. Finding the best direction to help your client develop a brand
      1. Reflecting brand aspirations in original, cohesive branding elements
        1. Golden Principles to make the logo useful in every application
          1. What makes a logo truly original and apt for trademarking
            1. Creating a proposal that sells having your clients' targets in mind
              1. Presenting concepts in a way that maximizes clients' engagement and input
                1. Maximizing your clients' satisfaction and return on investment
                  1. Getting valuable feedback and understanding it to implement it properly
                    1. Narrowing your specialization to achieve the sweetspot of effort vs income
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